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Why Digital Marketing is better than Traditional Marketing

Marketing has always been an integral part of any business. Whether it is Hospitality, Banking, Insurance, Travel and Tourism, Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, Retail, etc. You just name

How does Blogging help in Digital Marketing

Blogging and digital marketing are like your peanut butter and jam sandwich it complements each other like nothing else. In today’s competitive digital marketing world blogs and their content is what make all the difference. Why would you not accumulate something that gives your company 67% more leads than before and up to 97% more links to your website?


● CREATING INSIGHTS: Sometimes uploading regular blogs help you know your audience in a better way and help you think like your target audience. The purpose of blogging is to let the reader know what they are looking for and help them with subsequent action. So the content of the blog is very important to keep the audience’s attention grabbed towards you and your content. Secondly, when you upload regular blogs you’ll know what all your audience is more interested in and what all you need to inculcate more in your business that attracts the audience. The more knowledge you have about your leads, the more empowered you are to boost on them and get them through the sales funnel.

● GENERATING TRAFFIC: It’s important to know through what algorithm the traffic is driven to your website. Usually, there are some phrases that the customers type on search engines or some lines which bring potential buyers to your website. So for your clients to find you, you need to have relevant blogs to be uploaded with consistency so that your website can crawl up in the search engines and eventually the company grows as you get a higher ranking. Another way to generate traffic is to post your blogs on social media so that the followers or the platform users can scroll through and eventually traffic will be generated.

● SEO AND SERP : An updated website are some things that Google acknowledges, further as your audience can notice the content’s worth. The addition of the latest content to your web site may assist you to boost your rankings on the Google computer program Results Page (SERP). and this conjointly helps you to use specific keywords regarding your business or service that helps to spice up your search keywords. though it's tough to often update your static content i.e. your service or product pages, add some attention-grabbing new articles from your team members by obtaining them to share their experiences at events otherwise you can even compose the most recent trends within the business and include them in your blog.

● CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT : An interested customer will always be keen to know more about the company and that’s where the blogs come in with the additional information that is not present on the website and the customers might be interested in. It builds trust and a mode of communication between the company and the customer. The blogs need to be in complete detail to make sure that the customer is getting all the information, the better the blog the better it is for the company to gain customers. Blogs also show how well versed are you with your products, services and market.